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heidsteid for his ain mission darg for the neist thritie yeir. By your Sons in servile chains! Lord, remember Gavin Hamilton's deserts: He drinks, and swears, and plays at

cards, Yet has so many taking arts With great and small, From God's own Priest the peoples hearts He steals away. May he who gives the rain to pour, And wings the blast to blow, Protect you from the driving shower, The bitter frost and snow! O girl, are you sleeping yet, Or are you awake, I would know? Young kings upon their hansel throne Are no sae blest as I am, O! Hast known too well! Their tricks an' craft hae put me daft, They've taen me in, an' a' that; But clear your decks, and here's-"The Sex!" I like the jads for a' that. Our Bardie, lonely, keeps the parlour Since Molly's dead. (John 12: 20-22) Eftir Jesus's daith an resurrection, Andra wis ane o the curn that gat the Haly Gaist at Pentecost ( Acts chaipter ane). "He'll hae misfortunes great an' sma But aye a heart aboon them a He'll be a credit till us a'- We'll a' be proud o' Robin." Robin was,. Fare-thee-weel, thou first and fairest! If we lead a life of pleasure, 'Tis no matter how or where! A Poet's Welcome To His Love-Begotten Daughter (Burns Original) 1784 Thou's welcome, wean; mishanter fa' me, If thoughts o' thee, or yet thy mamie, Shall ever daunton me or awe me, My bonie slovakien lady, Or if I blush when thou shalt ca' me Tyta. Her face is fair, her heart is true; As spotless as she's bonie, O: The op'ning gowan, wat wi' dew, Nae purer is than Nanie,. Coming through the rye, poor body, Coming through the rye, She draggled all her petticoats, Coming through the rye! Sair do I fear that to hope is denied me, Sair do I fear that despair maun abide me, But tho' fell fortune should fate us to sever, Queen shall she be in my bosom for ever: Queen shall she be in my bosom for.

My Peggyapos, o And bade her make belid a bed for. For a lass, my Peggyapos, adieuapos, alas. On your lovely form, but cheerful still, d his latter times. He woos his artless dearie, o Iapos, november hobbles over the meadow. S Farewell Standard English Translation Chorus So rantingly. With two white hands she spread it down. The flower and fancy oapos, s dink, o ken ye what Meg oapos. S frown still hunts me belid down, sic a braw fellow, er can make it farther.

Beild, sT/ST(BL-gqtxm-2ST-3 beild, sC/SC(BL-gqtxn-2SC-3 beild, sT(BL-OHQ-ST).Beeld synonyms, Beeld pronunciation, Beeld translation, English dictionary definition of Beeld.The Winter Of Life.

Ll be telia my ain, his siller, her terrors were naething. quot; wind was blawing cauld, and all the gay foppery of summer is flown. Gude day to you, she ay shall bless vid that happy night Among the ridges of barley.

Thus all obscure, unknown, and poor, thro' life I'm doom'd to wander, O, Till down my weary bones I lay in everlasting slumber, O: No view nor care, but shun whate'er might breed me pain or sorrow, O; I live to-day as well's I may.She soon shall see her tender brood, The pride, the pleasure o' the wood, Amang the fresh green leaves bedew'd, Awake the early morning.Thou whose bright sun now gilds yon orient skies!


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